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Steven K. - Collegeville, PA - June 4th, 2023 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
Chris's team did a good job finishing my basement. He transformed an unfinished space into a great new part of my home. The craftsmanship and quality of workmanship are evident in aspects such as the flooring, lighting, drywall, and paint job. Chris provided excellent value for the work performed.
Christopher L. - Chester Springs, PA - March 21st, 2023 (Recommends 4.5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
Best construction company Iâ ve ever worked with. Chris is a true professional, hard-working, efficient, timely and a good communicator. Highly recommended.
Alex M. - Pottstown, PA - January, 18th, 2023 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
Chris is a no nonsense, expert contractor that does fantastic work at very competitive prices. He was able to finish our basement remodel with a quick turnaround time and was flexible with additions we made mid-project. I would hire Chris again for any basement project I had without a second thought.
Hector C. - Douglassville, PA - November 29th, 2022 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
I looked for all the business in the area and C. Brennan Construction was the only one, who came prepared with references to give me an estimate. BY far the estimate was the only one what met my budget. He show me photos of the basement he remodeled in the past and I was convinced he will be my best choice. He provided me a plan to do the entire project and I was really happy with the results. The project was done on time and within the budget.
Bart H. - Phoenixville, PA - October 19th, 2022 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
Highly recommended. Chris is a no-nonsense honest and straight-shooting guy. What you see is what you get without the B.S. He has people that can get sh*t done. We had a 30x12 Basement renovation / remodel done and Chris had very capable framers, dry wallers and painters on the job within days of starting. Chris is on top of things and is always available by phone. I stayed on top of things too (making sure the contractors had access, giving feedback and staying active on the project) and everything was relatively painless. Chris will keep you in the loop on what's going on and finish up as quickly as possible. Good quality work. Thanks Chris.
Seth J. - Gilbertsville, PA - February 25th, 2022 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
Chris is still working on our project, but thus far, everything has been positive.
Shannon S. - Norristown, PA - February 4th, 2022 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
I fully recommend Chris. We hired him to finish our basement and he was very responsive, reliable, and extremely efficient. The project was completed on time and he made sure to address any concerns we had promptly. I would recommend him to friends and family.
Anthony B. - Phoenixville, PA - October 5th, 2021 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
C Brennan Construction finished our basement. He didn't charge for estimates as some others wanted a deposit to even come out. His price was very reasonable. He will work with you should you have any changes that you want to make midway through the process.
Ian C. - Pottstown, PA - April 29th, 2021 (Recommends 4*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
Zhitao Y. - Malvern, PA - January 19th, 2021 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
Highly Recommend Chris. He came with a reasonable price and a detailed breakdown plan. We hit the holidays and severe snow delay but he still managed to finish within 6 weeks. This guy is super responsible and reliable.
Vincent R. - Boyertown, PA - January 5th, 2021 (Recommends 3*) REMODEL A BASEMENT

We hired the contractor to finish our basement this past Fall, and we felt good about going with him when we met in the summer. He took the time to listen to our ideas and he had suggestions which we welcomed. Work commenced around the time promised. We were very excited about the project. The framers got to work and did an excellent job. The contractor was there to oversee and was open to a last minute addition of the door, which we appreciated. Plumbing began and the drywall started. We were happy with both. We'd like to give a shout out to the plumber, Danny. Hes an aspiring master plumber who did a nice job with our plumbing needs. The drywall crew worked fast and were very understanding when we were in a stressful situation where we needed a new HVAC system at the last minute. The drywall looked good. The electrician, Jeff, also did a nice job and was very thorough and asked questions. The tile workers did a nice job in the bathroom. Our contractor did an exceptional job with constructing the book shelf of my dreams. We were very happy with it! There was a major situation with the painter which slowed the project down, and that's when the headaches began. Now, the contractor worked things out and was responsive, but we were a bit unsettled when we were told that he sent his third best painter who rushed on jobs before. The paint job was awful, which the contractor agreed, and we cut ties with the painter moving forward. Trust was quite shaky after that. The contractor offered to send another painter, but we declined after the first experience. After that situation, there suddenly felt like there was a mad rush to get the job done and move on. In fact, those very words were expressed to us a number of times. We were put in situations where we felt like we were nagging the contractor, which wasn't our intention. We were in situations where we had to inform him that his sub-contractors were not showing up when they should of which resulted in his becoming angry with them and that made us unsettled a great deal when he vented. There were many instances where it seemed like the sub-contractors were not communicating with the contractor. As work was nearing an end, and also when the project was completed, that's when we began to notice poor craftsmanship. The paint job was really bad as mentioned, but then (weeks after the project was completed) we discovered a shut-off valve was buried in the ceiling. During the project. another one stuck out of the wall and the ceiling. We couldn't use a conventional access panel because of it. The caulking in the bathroom around the sink is smeared along the top edge and down the side of the vanity and needs to be redone. We very much liked the wainscotting and trim crew. They did a great job installing all of it and installing the doors (which are beautiful). However, soon after the project was completed, we were told by several visitors that the wainscotting comes out further than the chair rails and that the gaps were pretty large. We didnt know this because we trusted the process, but now we've hired someone else to rip out the chair rails and do it properly (along with sanding the walls and repainting everything). In addition, two types of wainscotting was installed. One a paint grade and the other a glossy grade that's not made to be painted. All of this was very stressful, and honestly, at the end, we were ready to get it finished and move on with our lives. The customer service in the closing weeks was unsatisfactory and towards the end, the contractor came around rarely. We know that a contractor cant be there every minute during the job, but if the contractor had been there often enough, we feel these mistakes could have been avoided. We felt like a nuisance rather than a valued customer. 

REPLY: There was nothing wrong with anything we did except for the paint job. I immediately fired the painter after the unsatisfactory painting he did to the ceiling and walls. As far as every other complaint this customer has, none of it was ever brought up to me except for the painting issue. Everything else he is complaining about I only found out about it by reading this review. I would have fixed anything he was not happy with had I known about it. It is stated right on my contract that we cannot warranty any materials or products. He is just another customer that expects a $50,000 job done for $25,000

Steven E. - Reading, PA - November 24th, 2020 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
Chris was a pleasure to work with. He adjusted to a varying deadline and took note of details added later in the project.
Nik G. - Malvern, PA - November 18th, 2020 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
When it comes to getting things done on time and with 100% quality - Chris is the #1 guy out there. He completed my 1400 sqft basement with all bells and whistles in just 5 week timeframe. The value for money was amazing and he beat the prices of many other contractors by a lot. I would highly recommend Chris and his guys for any basement remodeling
Ralph A. - Chester Springs, PA - October 12th, 2020 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
Good price. High Quality work. Pleasant to work with.
Steven Z. - Phoenixville, PA - September 8th, 2020 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
Chris does good work and has very solid subcontractors. You can't beat the value you get for your money.
Susan H. - April 24th, 2020 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
He was wonderful to work with. He did a wonderful job on our basement He was super particular making sure I was informed every step of the way, and was satisfied with the work they were doing.
Brad B. - Chester Springs, PA - March 8th, 2020 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
We hired C Brennan Construction to finish our basement. It was a start to finish job. We added a full bathroom, bedroom/office, a playroom, bar, and entertainment area. Chris (the owner) and his guys showed up on time or early every morning as promised at 7:30-45. We were told the job would take 6.5 weeks. The guys were completed within a day of that deadline. Chris and all of the guys were professional, clean, respectful, and answered all of our questions each day. We were thankfull for a solid job at a great price. Would hire again. Thank you Chris and crew!
John S. - March 4th, 2020 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
We had a basement flood which pretty damaged our entire basement so we contracted C. Brenan Construction to do the work. Once the job went underway, Chris showed up on time, responded quickly, he took his time to do very detailed oriented work. The quality came out really well. For example, he built some brand new custom cabinets and installed them in the laundry room. Everyone compliments me when they come over to my house and see these brand new cabinets.
Kyra H. - Phoenixville, PA - March 2nd, 2020 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
This was our first major remodeling project ever. We spent a lot of time researching our basement remodeling options. Within the first 5 minutes of C. Brennan looking at our basement, he laid everything out quickly and more efficiently than we had originally envisioned. He was straight forward with the cost involved and his contract was black and white. He was very flexible with any changes we threw at him, along with him offering great suggestions. When the basement was complete, it looked better than we imagined. We will be looking to hire him again for future projects.
John M. - Reading, PA - March 1st, 2020 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
C.Brennan Construction offered me one of the best prices on the market for finishing my basement. He scheduled the work on a weekly basis and got done on time. Quality of work was great and my basement looks amazing. I recommend Chris to everyone in need of a new/remodeling project.
Fred C. - Birdsboro, PA - March 1st, 2020 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
Chris and his team were awesome! On time courteous great work, changed on the fly with out ideas and built our dream! I recommend him if you want an honest man who goes above to make sure you satisfied. Old school with old school results!
David K. - Eagleville, PA - December 9th, 2019 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
Chris was very easy to work with. He knows a lot about basements and has great ideas. However he was open to changes that we had and worked with us for a very good outcome. We added things along the way and were charged accordingly but not over charged. We wanted a basic basement remodel and got exactly what we asked for. Would definitely recommend and we will use him again.
Pam R. - Malvern, PA - May 31st, 2019 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
After interviewing a few contractors, we went with C. Brennan Construction for our basement remodel project because Chris' price was by far the best. We were converting unfinished basement space into a living room with a wet bar and an adjacent gym. We went over in detail the project to be completed and it was very clear what was and was not included in the price. We added things along the way and paid for added work, but again the pricing was very fair. The workmanship was excellent and, with the exception of a short period where we were on hold for a township permit, there was consistently someone here working on the project. The main worker on site, Dean, was always professional, helpful and very skilled. The end result is great and we would recommend Chris Brennan Construction for any remodeling project.
Jennifer W. - Pottstown, PA - March 14th, 2019 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
Chris and team are experts at Basement Remodeling. the price was right and the quality is exceptional, the whole team are very nice to work with!
Alexander D. - Pottstown, PA - March 14th, 2019 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
Chris and team are expert at Basement Remodeling. the price was right and the quality is exceptional. the job is ahead if schedule and is exactly as i want it. Very Happy
Rich K. - Gilbertsville, PA - February 12th, 2019 (Recommends 4.5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
Chris did a wonderful job refinishing our basement in Gilbertsville. He followed up on the lead immediately and came out in person within a couple days to provide a quote. The quote was received back the same day and was nearly half of a competitor! Chris was insightful in helping us design the space and work through some details to maximize the finished area. Chris paid attention to detail and included us in every decision. His expertise really showed in the trim work and the finishing details. Chris was tied up on another job and it took a little time to get going. However, it was worth the wait and we are loving our new basement! Highly recommend Chris Brennan to anyone looking for a contractor.
Tabassum H. - Royersford, PA -August 26th, 2018 (Recommends 5*) REMODEL A BASEMENT
This contractor is excellent.
Justin Moran - September 21st, 2018 (Recommends)
I have used Chris in each of the two houses I’ve owned. He does amazing work at very reasonable prices. Highly recommend!
- Chester Springs, PA - May 14th, 2017 (Recommends 4*)
They finished the work in time according to our tight schedule
- Pottstown, PA - January 18th, 2017 (Recommends 4.5*)
Chris came in with the best price, was able to start as soon as I wanted, worked around my schedule. Once the job was started he or his guys were here every day. Courteous and professional guys. Top notch work. Very pleased with the outcome. One thing that was nice was his crew keeping me up to date on the progress and asked throughout the job if I was satisfied with everything so far and if there was anything I had questions about or needed changed. If you need your basement done, Chris Brennan will do a great job at a fair price.
Justin K. - Reading, PA - March 25th, 2016 (Recommends 5*)
Worked well with us to make our vision a reality. Custom built a fireplace and corner cabinet built-in. Custom built a reading nook with drawers and book shelf under the stairs. Excellent finished product adding a large family area to our home.
Pete G. - Gilbertsville, PA - March 20th, 2016 (Recommends 5*)
Chris is a extremely hard worker with sound ideas and outstanding craftsmanship!
Tim H. - Collegeville, PA - August 25th, 2015 (Recommends 5*)
Chris worked with us in designing our bathroom and Powderoom. He was here when he said he would be ,delivered the job on time and within our budget. We are very happy with all aspects of the work.
Bryan H. - Gilberstville, PA - May 11th, 2015 (Recommends 5*)
Chris was friendly and extremely hard working. We were very pleased with how our basement turned out. He is very knowledgeable and will work with your budget. We would definitely hire Chris again for our next home improvement project.
Shirley P. - Douglassville, PA - October 26th, 2014 (Recommends 5*)
Chris did an excellent job on my basement. The finish product exceeded my expectations. He is very punctual and he cares about his work. I was very pleased with his services, and I certainly recommend him to others!!! Sincerely, Shirley
Sheena C. - Gilbertsville, PA - July 8th, 2014 (Recommends 5*)
Chris did a fantastic job on finishing our basement. He was very professional and thorough with his planning. We came together for an awesome layout to include a section for dad and the kids and it came out awesome. We are very happy with our choice of Brennan Construction. He's our contractor for life.
Ahmed S. - Breinigsville, PA - November 1st, 2013 (Recommends 5*)
We hired Chris because he was very clear in his quote on what he would do. He included enough lights, match the doors, trim etc to the rest of the house. Materials used were decent. He was in our house every day at 7:00 am. He explained clearly what he would do and what he would not do. Good experience.
Susan H. - Collegeville, PA - March 8th, 2013 (Recommends 5*)
Chris just finishing remodeling our basement and we are so happy with the job. Our basement is small and we knew this was comparably a small job for him but he was very responsive, started the job early, showed up by 7 AM every day and finished the job in 2 1/2 weeks. His quote was completely reasonable and he stayed on budget. He gave us great input as to how to maximize the space.It is obvious he takes great pride in his work. He's old school, no fancy websites or computer programs that due nothing but jack up the price. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a contractor.
Jessica S. - Collegeville, PA - February 9th, 2013 (Recommends 4.33*)
Chris did a tremendous job. On time and on budget , he works with your schedule. I would highly recommend him.
Gordon O. - Chester Springs, PA - July 24th, 2012 (Recommends 5*)
I really enjoyed working with Chris and CWB Construction. Chris is a real professional who takes pride in his work. He really knows the business, and has a vision for what you want to accomplish. I am extremely grateful we picked the right team to finish our basement, and we will be using them again for our deck in the near future.
Michael M. - Collegeville, PA - April 27th, 2012 (Recommends 5*)
Chris and his team remodeled our kitchen and finished our basement and we could not be happier with the results. Both projects were completed on time, within budget, and a very high level of quality. We have CWB Construction lined up for several more jobs!
Mike H. - Douglassville, PA - December 9th, 2011 (Recommends 5*)
Chris was very experienced and detailed in his work. His work was top notch and he did a very good job. I wouldn't hesitate in hiring him again.
Adam R. - Douglassville, PA - April 23rd, 2011 (Recommends 5*)
I was very impressed with Chris? dedication, attention to detail, and focus on your satisfaction. He brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience to each and every job. He is thorough, punctual, meticulous, and performance oriented ? 100% professional and honest, 100% of the time. The best part about Chris is his firm grip on financial reality. He knows you can have a professional grade job done without breaking the bank. Chris will be the only contractor I call for future projects. Needless to say, I highly recommend Chris. If you give him an opportunity to take a look at your project and give you a quote, I am confident you
Kevin K. - Birdsboro, PA - February 22nd, 2011 (Recommends 5*)
Chris Brennan is a hard-working, quality-minded, construction professional and my family and I are thrilled with the results of the work he performed finishing our basement - simply put it looks awesome! He was very competitively priced and we could not be happier in our decision to use Chris and his company CWB Contstuction. My neighbor who supervises commerical construction projects stopped over a few times and remarked during the process that the work was being done very well. I would reccomend Chris to anyone looking to do contruction work on their home.
Dana H. - Birdsboro, PA - November 19th, 2010 (Recommends 5*)
Chris is the most professional contractor that my husband and I have had the privilege to work with! His work was meticulous. He always made sure that everything was done to our liking and he took care of permits, inspections and materials. Chris was not afraid to call if he had questions. He never went over the price he quoted and worked diligently to ensure perfection. I would recommend Chris to anyone who has a basement project!
Bill G. - Breinigsville, PA - August 25th, 2010 (Recommends 5*)
An absolute pleasure to work with. Chris takes the time to work with you to customize your project and offer suggestions based on his experience. Very punctual, ethical and committed to satisfying all your requests. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an addition, basement finishing or any other home project needed.
Brian M. - Breinigsville, PA - June 6th, 2010 (Recommends 5*)
Chris has 30 years experience and it shows. This man is a work horse and he pushes to get things done right and very fast. I had an issue with my rough plumbing from when the builders built my home. Pulte homes put in a 21" ejector pump pit and it should be 30". Chris noticed this and told me about it. He made phone calls to Pulte homes and other plumbers to get this resolved. He didnt have to go the extra mile to get this corrected but he did. Chris will also compensate you if you do some of the work yourself. He understands that people work with budgets and will help anyway he can. I highly recommend Chris. He finished my basement, very happy.
William D. - Reading, PA - May 13th, 2010 (Recommends 5*)
Very Good
Jason K. - Breinigsville, PA - January 11th, 2010 (Recommends 5*)
Chris is a hard working no nonsense contractor. We are happy with the work that he did in our basement. There were no surprises or problems. Everything was done exactly as he said it would be and I would recommend him without reservation.
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